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Our Mission

Our business has supporters not consumers, people who believe in our vision that children are capable thinkers, no matter their individual situation. We provide great content that helps children learn how to think about complex and challenging questions.

Children are instinctive philosophers and by opening their eyes to the world around them, we help them develop creative, independent and compassionate thinking.

Our goal is to inspire a generation of free and original thinkers, with the compassion to make the world a more tolerant place and come up with ingenious solutions to the problems we face.

We plan on building a vibrant international brand devoted to expanding the critical and creative faculties of children everywhere.

Rapscallion Press is taking a new approach to publishing, underpinned by a strong social purpose in both our content and business model.

At its core, our business is a combination of:

    • Partnerships – our strong strategic partnerships marry content, market access and profile
    • Direct Selling – grass-roots contact with our supporters keeps us in touch
    • In-house Content Development – we develop content that fulfils our mission
    • Social Purpose – by providing free books and training through the Learn2Think Foundation, we hope to encourage as many children as possible to remain open-minded, creative, experimental and independent.


We believe that an integral part of doing business in the 21st century is to be sustainable, with a focus on the environmental and social impact of our products and operations, and the transparency to make that impact clear to our customers.


We provide content which helps develop children’s thinking skills, equipping them with the independence of thought, compassion and creativity necessary to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Through our partnership with the Learn2Think Foundation, we are gifting free copies of our books and learning materials to as many schools as possible. Our first series is philosophy, which will be quickly followed by series covering sustainability, mathematics, economics, science and technology in new and exciting ways.


We are committed to using renewable energy to power our site servers, and we operate a virtual business in order to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible. Our first book is being printed in the UK by Park Lane Press on FSC certified 100% post-consumer content paper, using fully sustainable, vegetable oil-based inks, power from 100% renewable resources and waterless printing technology.

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