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At Rapscallion Press, we work with schools, councils, charities, companies and those who share our mission, to bring critical, independent and creative thinking to children.


We have partnered with SAPERE to make sure that our content can be used within their pedagogy, and are providing free books and learning materials to SAPERE schools.

SAPERE is the internationally recognised educational charity that promotes and runs training for teachers and others to facilitate philosophical enquiry for children, often referred to as P4C.

Children are taught how to create their own philosophical questions. They then choose one question that is the focus of a philosophical enquiry, or dialogue. The teacher, as facilitator, supports the children in their thinking, reasoning and questioning, as well as the way the children speak and listen to each other in the dialogue.  After the enquiry the children and facilitator reflect on the quality of the thinking, reasoning and participation, and suggest how they could improve; either as individuals or as a group (community).  P4C is intended to be a regular activity so that the children develop their skills and understanding over time.  The role of the facilitator is crucial to ensuring quality dialogue and progress, as well as integration with the curriculum.  It is well documented that P4C has an impact on children’s cognitive, social and emotional development.

P4C is about getting children to think and communicate well; to think better for themselves.


The Learn2Think Foundation has has been established to help schools, teachers and educational groups get access to books that stimulate and support smart thinking, as well as funding for training (from individual workshops to INSET days).

In November 2014 Learn2Think held its inaugural I Wonder Workshop at Sustainability Week in London, and you can see what happened with this video.

The core of Learn2Think is to help children and young people to develop creative, independent and compassionate thinking. This includes support for the promotion of P4C in schools through our partner SAPERE and the use of workshops to help children develop their critical thinking skills.  Each free book provided by Learn2Think will be accompanied by enquiry and lesson plans, and support in how to use each book most effectively.

We also promote philosophical enquiries for parents, businesses, NGOs and any others who want to understand more about how critical thinking can help them in their work, in their lives and in their approach to the world around them.

For further details of this training, please contact info@learn2think.org.uk.

Rebecca Blackwood

Rebecca Blackwood, a qualified primary teacher, is an experienced facilitator and P4C Leader at Manorfield Primary School in East London. She recently led the school to be the first in Tower Hamlets to achieve the prestigious SAPERE Silver Award for its dedication and commitment to Philosophy for Children after just 15 months of sustained P4C practice. Rebecca graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2004 with an MA in Music. She worked as an Editor for the Bloomsbury Group, and then discovered P4C completely by accident whilst teaching at Kobi Nazrul Primary School. She hasn’t looked back since.

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