The IKadoos have landed

The IKadoos have landed on planet Earth. Available from 24th April at Amazon as a hardback or as an ebook. This beautifully illustrated fun picture book, aimed at 3 to 7 year olds, is about two curious little IKADOOs, IKanoo and IKaboo whose noses glow orange whenever... read more

Story Writing Workshop

We recently trialed our story-writing workshop with the highly impressive Year 5 children at Brentfield Primary School. See some lovely feedback we had from a parent:

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“It is a book of true wonders”

This book is amazing for all ages; just fabulous. It is a book of true wonders. Making people think is the key part to any book and this book smothered us in puzzling mysteries.

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“When I read the book, I found it very exciting and funny”

“I think that the book ‘Journey to the Beginning of the World’ is aimed at children but it could be aimed at adults who are interested in thinking about how the world began. When I read the book, I found it very exciting and funny in places. When I was asked to write concepts in response to it, I found that I could write about a million!”

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