It’s time to get those imaginations sky rocketing with our new game!

Following on from our Ask A Big Open Question blog post, here’s how to use those newly found questions to play the fabulous, thought provoking Big Open Questions game.

Here’s how:

Once you’ve identified the Big Open Questions, vote on your favourite as a family and have a go at answering it at the dinner table this weekend.

Get everyone around the table, young and old, and agree on your own rules of engagement for the game.

For example, you could decide on some of the following.

1. Vote democratically on which question is to be discussed

2. Only speak if you are holding the Great Serving Spoon of Wisdom (or similar)

3. One speaker at a time

4. Only speak if you are responding to something the last speaker proposed.

5. Use an egg timer to discourage wafflers

6. Waffles with chocolate sauce are to be encouraged

7. Extra points for anyone who owns up to changing their mind

8. Anyone who ends up more curious than when they started wins the game 😉

9. Suggested penalties: extra washing up for flouting of rules

Remember, wisdom lies in remaining curious.