The IKadoos have landed on planet Earth. Available from 24th April at Amazon as a hardback or as an ebook.

This beautifully illustrated fun picture book, aimed at 3 to 7 year olds, is about two curious little IKADOOs, IKanoo and IKaboo whose noses glow orange whenever they have a question.  Today they want to find out how their planet, IK was made. Join them on this, their first Fizzywopsical (sorry Philosophical) adventure.

You know those tricky questions young children ask: How was the world made?  Where do we come from? Are we there yet? These questions are the little seeds of curiosity that, if nurtured, can develop a child’s crucial questioning, reasoning and analytical skills. This book gets children thinking for themselves about one of the world’s most challenging questions just by reading a fun, magical adventure story.


” I liked it that they went on an adventure and found out different answers, so they asked their Grandma and she said there want just one… it means that we don’t really know”

Felix, Aged 6

From me “it’s a pleasure to read aloud to kids, the story and illustrations kept my kids captivated and we had some lovely chats afterwards”

Marnie Freeman, Mum