UPDATED 5 tips writersChildren are naturally very creative, and that creativity can be honed when it comes to harnessing their love of stories and writing. There are lots of different types of writing, but here are some top tips for children who want to start penning their very own stories.

1- Stories that work are about things that people care about. Think about what would make you laugh, or gasp, or get someone excited about coming along with you to enjoy the rest of the story.

2 – Think about cutting your first bit of writing. Whether I’ve written as a journalist, an academic or an author, I always seem to start off with something unnecessary. Try to get straight into the action, and grab people’s attention as quickly as possible.  Find the first line that you really like, and start from there.

3- While its sometimes tempting to write something mystical without a conclusion, most people want to see a resolution to the story. They want to know what happened, how did the characters overcome their challenges or fail to do so. Make sure you tell your audience what happens as that makes them feel complete.

4- When writing your own stories try not to write about celebrities or well-known fictional characters. If you want to you can try and take some character traits but you should really use what you’ve seen and felt yourself if you’re going to be able to make the reader believe it.

5 – Remember that the story is not the words. The story is the challenge, the journey, the battle, the victory, the rebirth. Words can make you sound clever but you want to keep things simple and take the reader along with you – don’t distract them from the story you’re trying to tell

By Rapscallion, Felicia Jackson