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Want To See Something That Will Blow Your Mind?

BLOW YOUR MIND  What is Reality?  Look at the picture below. What does it make you think and feel? The Hering illusion is named after German physiologist Ewald Hering, who first published the illusion in 1861. Optical illusions like his Hering Illusion highlight that... read more

Get yourself thinking & play our NEW GAME !

It’s time to get those imaginations sky rocketing with our new game! Following on from our Ask A Big Open Question blog post, here’s how to use those newly found questions to play the fabulous, thought provoking Big Open Questions game. Here’s how: Once... read more

Have you taken our Big Open Question challenge?

It’s Official! Philosophy makes kids smarter. Learning how to think critically is as important as learning what to think. Reasoning our way through philosophical questions helps our critical thinking skills. Yes we learn resilience: to defend our point of view. More... read more

The UK needs a Tolerance Day

November 16th is World Tolerance Day and given recent events in the UK as well as global uncertainties, there is no doubt that its becoming ever more important to teach people about tolerance, be that of differences in languages, race or belief.

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The Many Voices Project

Working with children as we have been for the last few months, we’ve recognised that some children struggle with English as a second language. So we’re thinking of launching a project, which we’re calling the Many Voices Project, creating audiobooks... read more

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