We have created a set of learning materials for use with Journey to the Beginning of the World, either at home or at school.

You can find games, lesson and enquiry plans, well as guidance on how to explore the book’s philosophical ideas, concepts and themes in more depth. These are available for download for free, courtesy of the Learn2Think Foundation.


Sample One hour RS Workshop – Keystage 1 or mixed-age assembly. This is to accompany the book ‘Journey to the Beginning of the World’, about an intrepid duo, Sophie and Kit, who go on a quest to find the answer to their question, ‘How was the World Made?’

Here are also synopses of the four ‘Journey to the Beginning of the World’ stories to download.

Panda and Pangu

Donkey and the Builder

Elephant and Brahma

Professor Plonck and the Big Bang

We will continue to add to these resources as our portfolio develops, and welcome feedback on what else you might find useful.

While the discussion stimulus listed in the Schools resources section is aimed at those with some background in P4C, they can also be used at home. We are currently developing games and other tools which can be used to encourage communication with children of all abilities.

Games and Activities for use with Journey to the Beginning of the World:

Sophie’s Treasures

Professor Plonck’s Potions

A Perfect World

A Cycle of Worlds


Musical Beginnings

Time Travel

If there are any particular areas you would like help with, do drop us a line at contact@rapscallionpress.com and we’ll be in touch to see if it’s something we can work on.


Many children enjoy exploring their imaginations through art. We are currently working on a number of different ways in which you can work with your child but our first how to guide will allow children to create their own images of the beginning of the world, based on the work of the photographer Frederick Kermisch.

Rhian has put together a guide showing you how this is done and you can download it here: Rhians Guide to Beginning 3

And don’t forget, if your child creates something lovely send it along to art@rapscallionpress.com and we’ll add it to our forthcoming art gallery.


Jason Buckley, The Philosophy Man

Jason is a P4C trained facilitator, who provides philosophy for children, as well as training and INSET days for teachers and schools. His website and newsletter provide a wide range of interesting stimulus to engage children in enjoying thinking. He has a particular interest in helping children develop their own voice.

Freedom to Think

A campaign encouraging parents to give children time to explore their imaginations. Once a month they come up with inventive ways to engage your child.

Campaign for Drawing

A national campaign encouraging children to draw, as it provides a different way of helping us to understand the world, think, feel, shape and communicate ideas.

The following is an overview of our planned series’ and materials in these areas will be available soon…..

The next book in the philosophy series is Journey to the Afterlife. Our intention is to challenge and inspire, to create a generation of free and original thinkers. We’re not taking away any of  big words or challenging philosophical concepts.  Kids ask a lot of  questions, because they’re instinctive philosophers. We want to help them explore these questions properly, and remember how important it is to question the world around them.
The first book in our math series, How Old is Great Grandpa, is in the process of illustration.  It’s a mathematical romp through history and evolution for 5-9 year olds and it was inspired by Jean-Luc Fromental and Joelle Jolivet’s 365 Penguins.  
We are currently developing the content for the first books in our Sustainability series. The A-Z of Climate Change is an illustrated alphabet of how children see the issue of climate change. The A – Z of Sustainability explores the complexity of sustainability challenges in children’s terms and develop a new understanding of the need for system change.  
Working in partnership with the artist in residence at the Imperial College Physics Department and a Physics PHD with 4 young boys, we are developing a series of visually exciting factually accurate storybooks. Featuring detecting duo Cally and Cedric they encourage kids to think and experiment like scientists. The first book will reveal the rhythms in everything in the universe. Other books planned will cover quantum physics, fundamental particles and forces (and why gravity is such a mystery), and special relativity.

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