We love coming in to work directly with children and have lots of different workshops for Years 1 to 8. If you’d like us to come into your Primary school please fill in the following contact form.

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Currently available

Below is a selection of the workshops we have delivered.  Some we came up with, and others we developed following a specific request from a school.  All sessions are active, and fun, and by the end we pretty much get all the children thinking, communicating and contributing.

Currently available workshops:

Algebra (inspired by How Old is my Great Grandpa)

Author visits

Creative Writing

Critical Thinking

Cross Curricular Initiatives


Religious Studies

At the end of 2015 we were asked by Islington Council’s School Improvement Service to run workshops promoting community cohesion and religious tolerance, which is proving to be an exciting, stimulating and very worthwhile endeavour.

We’re also developing workshops for Physics, Sustainability and PSHE, as well as new and exciting approaches to Maths and Philosophy, so keep a look out for more.