‘Journey to the Beginning of the World’……

In their first adventure, the very curious Sophie and Kit go on a quest to find the answer to the question “How was the world made?”

Their adventure starts in a special hidden section in their local bookshop, from where the most special books and scrolls of wisdom ever written whisk them off to different times and different places to find answers. They visit India, China, the Sinai and even outer-space! There are many different answers but they can’t all be right…

There are some big questions that matter to all people, and we may NEVER agree on just one way to answer them. What matters though is that we talk about these questions, and understand why people see things in different ways.

Meet the Characters

From our first published book – Journey to the Beginning of the World

Professor Plonk

Scientist from the Super Smart Space Laboratory


Our curious heroine, who wants to know how the world was made


Sophie’s little brother. He’s not sure he wants to be involved, but he definitely isn’t being left out

The Gang

All the friends that Sophie and Kit make on their journey to find out how the world was made