Learning to Think

It’s Official! Philosophy makes kids smarter.

Learning how to think critically is as important as learning what to think. Reasoning our way through philosophical questions helps our critical thinking skills. Yes we learn resilience: to defend our point of view. More crucially we learn flexibility and to remain open-minded.

As Socrates would have it, the goal is not so much to reach conclusions but to remain ever more curious…

Play this simple game to find out what a philosophical question is, and then get asking young minds and be amazed at their answers!

BOQ stands for Big Open Question.  To qualify as a BOQ a question must be interesting to many people, AND Have no immediate, agreed upon way of answering it.

Ask children, can you spot the BOQ’s below?

1. Is today Monday?

2. Is your neighbour an alien from outer space?

3. Do Aliens exist?

4. Do you like Minions?

5. How do I know if I’m dreaming?

6. Do you like brussel sprouts?

7. What colour is the sky?

8. Why is the sky blue?

9. Is it ever OK to lie?

10. Why does the moon follow me around when I’m driving in the car?

11. Why do bad things happen?

12. Why do we get old?

13. What happens after we die?

14. Why are there so many stars in the sky?

Answers: The Big Open Question’s are questions 3, 5, 9, 11 & 13!

Next week’s blog takes it one step further and gets you and the kids asking your own BOQs!